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  • Rasmus Hansson "I'd like to recruit some passionate testers for our upcoming iPhone and Android games. Would this be the place to look?"

  • annasara "@Rasmus. Yes! Just post a job and describe in detail what is needed in the message and how to contact you. And let us know if you get any response back."

  • Chloe Patita Nguyễn "Android user here!"

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen "@Chloe: How's that Android working for you?"

  • Rasmus Hansson "Thanks annasara!"

  • Rasmus Hansson "Another question, what is this chat component called? It's awesome!"

  • annasara "@Rasmus, I'll check with the tech team. It's fun."

  • alainfalys "Good morning everyone. Greetin gs from Zurich"

  • bethw "Good morning folks"

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen "here's a bit about why we're doing we work united thanks for supporting us at this early stage"

  • noel.saw "Good morning LA! We're updated with some new features. Sortable/searchable skills cloud on your profile page, inline tweeting (working on URL shortener still), and improved job response dialog boxes."

  • alainfalys "great!"

  • Rasmus Hansson "You're making something very special for us here . Keep it up!"

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen "@Rasmus: thanks! appreciate the feedback too"

  • FabricInteractive "couple of opportunities coming up in the world of Fabric!"

  • elleconsulting "hi alain, here I am... trying to figure out how this $works."

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen "Happy holidays everyone!"

  • noel.saw "Happy New Year to everyone. We've fixed a couple of formatting issues. FB login fix coming soon!"

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen "Good morning LA"

  • Erlend Wilhelmsen "We've been very busy working on something amazing... stay tuned"

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